Uncleaned Roman Coins From The Middle East And Israel

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Uncleaned Roman Coins from the Middle East and Israel which you will not see too many others selling these days. These coins are for those who are just starting out, for those who want to buy coins from someone who is an importer, or for those collectors who want uncleaned coins from other places then Europe. All these coins are dirty or show some details even before cleaning. So you might be able to see little or no detail at all before cleaning. Some will clean up into very nice coins, while others will resist all efforts of cleaning, some will show nothing, and the fact they come from the middle east the coins will look different then ones from Europe due to them being in the sand over 1500+ years and who knows what you will find.


Also with these Uncleaned Roman Coins from the Middle East and Israel the size ranges from 5mm and up. Almost all will turn out to be Roman bronzes, with some possible Greek, Jewish, Islamic, etc... as you never know what is under that dirt because it could be anything and please note that it is possible to find one or two 1500+ year old slugs under that dirt and coins are as shown in the photos!.

1 buy = 10 coins
2 buys = 20 coins
3 buys = 30 coins



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