Uncleaned Desert Roman Antoninian

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Uncleaned Desert Roman Antoninian were coins used during Roman times and had a value of 2 denarii’s. It was originally made of silver but was slowly silver plating over bronze. The coin was introduced by Emperor Caracalla in 215AD and was similar to the denarius except that it was slightly larger and featured the emperor with a radiate crown, representing that it was valued at twice as much as the denarius. The Antoniniani depicting females (the emperor's wife) featured the bust resting upon a crescent moon.

Please remember it is per coin buying and quality will vary.

What does "quality will vary" mean: the sizes will vary from coin to coin as they did not make them like today and due to age and how they are persevered etc....They are uncleaned desert coins but most need very little cleaning. They are as shown and when they are sold out I might not get any more of them due to the high demand and cost per coin.


With these Uncleaned and unsorted Desert Roman Antoninian there are many different Emperors such as:



Tetricus I,II

Claudius II, Gothicus




**which you can possibly get !**

1 buy = 1 coin
2 buys = 2 coins
3 buys = 3 coins

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