Billon Antoninianus of Salonina AD 253 to 268

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Billon Antoninianus Salonina AD 253 to 268

Salonina was the wife of Gallienus.

Denomination : AR Antoninianus. Mint : Antioch

Date : AD 267

Obverse : SALONINA AVG  Head of Salonina right with around with diademed bust right on crescent.

Reverse : VENVS AVG, Venus standing left, holding a helmet, spear and leaning back on a shield. P XV in the exergue. P XV is short for TR P XV, which was a title Gallienus held in AD 267. RSC 113; Sear 10654. RIC 86


Beautiful Reddish/green desert sands embedded on this coin. This would be great for any collection.