Premium Crusty Uncleaned Roman Coins

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Premium crusty uncleaned Roman coins that I'm selling today came directly from digs that were done near the Greek Border, Austria, Germany, and other places throughout Europe. The coins are all in uncleaned crusty condition. The age range of the coins are from about 100 A.D. to 500 A.D. or possibly Earlier (B.C.). The coins will be mostly Roman Imperial,  Roman Provincial coins are also possible, Medieval, and other ancient coins as well. You get free cleaning info with all orders if you request it. They are as shown in the photos as to what your getting.

1 buy = 1 coin
2 buys = 2 coins
3 buys = 3 coins


***Special Note*** in this lot of Premium crusty uncleaned Roman coins we have had people telling us they have found Roman silver coins, Medieval Silver coins, rarer bronze coins under the dirt. Also with any Ancient coin or coins which has been burred in dirt for 1500 or 2000 years it could be total junk once cleaned or something amazing as it is a real treasure hunt and sold as is. All damaged, broken, holes, bent, have been removed. Coins maybe very encrusted or crusty/uncleaned.


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