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These Higher Grade Larger uncleaned Roman coins 15 to 36 mm of and who knows what you will find. They are/could be of AE1 or AE2, AS, Dupondis, Sestertius,  Byzantine, other, etc..and you never know what is under that dirt!

1 buy = 1 coin

2 buys = 2 coins

3 buys = 3 coins

Period: 1st to 4th Century
Condition: uncleaned
Found in Austria/other

Throughout the ages people would bury their money and other valuables because there were no banks like today so there fortunes would be safe. Soldiers would go off to war and do the same thing but many would never return and there valuables would be lost throughout time until someone found them or tombs were robbed of their treasures. Most Roman soldiers also did this with their money and fortunes before they left for battles with plans of returning home to recover them after the battle. So as we all know countless numbers of them did not make it back home to "recover their fortunes" as they died in battle. So their coins lied there for over a millennium just waiting to see the day light again and now you have the chance to hold them in your hand.

All of the items we sell are the lost treasures of along ago so while you have these coins in front of you try to think about who held it before you, they were lost throughout time and now you have them. If they could only speak to you imagine the stories they could tell, the places they have been, the civilizations that used them or maybe one might have been used to pay to watch the Gladiators fight, plus to think how they were made so long ago because in those times everything was painstakingly done by hand. It is almost like your holding a fine work of art in your hands at an affordable price and it is amazing to think that the coins in your hands are around over 1500 years old or older!!.


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