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We have here now a 400 Bulk Lot of Uncleaned Roman Coins(possibly more) +/- coins. These are uncleaned as I have gotten them in and could be of anything or any quality. Please see the photos as there appears to be 1 Silver Roman Coin of Mark Anthony and/or other silver coins.

In this 400 bulk lot of uncleaned roman coins you will also find (or possibly find) Roman provincial, byzantine, medieval coins, Greek, AS, AE1, AE2, AE3,AE4,  Antoninian, other old or ancient coins and so on... of any grade/grades, shapes, damaged/broken, or non-damaged coins, with or without holes.

Overseas mailing: about 8 business days,insurance, and you sign for it would be $120.00.


Quality: It could be of anything from poor/junk, fine , extra fine or better. Due to the nature of this as it is unopened and uncheck this is a "as is" sale, nonrefundable and no returns these!.

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